10 places in Madrid where you can show how indie you are

Tania Segura

Tania Segura

If the latest reggaeton song what do you admit What sounds familiar to you is “Baila Morena” or now the clothes from when your parents were young and in your iphone (because as good indie you can’t afford to have another mobile) ring The Strokes, The Black Keys either kasabian this interests you.

These are the places you have to go to if you don’t want to put up with reggaeton rubbing or epileptic fits of electronic music:

  1. The dog in the back of the car: live music (from super alternative groups, of course) in the heart of Malasaña. With this offer you can enjoy their concerts for €5.
    Calle Puebla, 15
  2. Eight and a half: to be worthy of your photographer you have to wear your shirt buttoned up to your neck (even if you’re short of breath) and ripped stockings (on purpose), but the atmosphere and the sessions his djs They ask for it every weekend. The entrance is between €12-15.
    C / Barcelona, ​​11
  3. Independance: many had forgotten it until groups began to play in their rooms indies and alternatives. Although it is a bit cramped and the prices a bit high, if you sign up for list and you come in before one, it’s free.
    C/ Doctor Cortezo, 1
  4. tupperware: or “el tupper”, as it is known by any pro malasañero. Sometimes it puts on very good folk songs and its psychedelic decoration can make you dizzy if you’re already in the past, but the entrance is free and the site is mythical.
    Corredera Alta de San Pablo, 26
  5. the milky way: one of the survivors of “la movida”. Its vintage decoration, its history and its dyou plant with different music (very good) make it a mandatory stop if you go out through Malasaña.
    Calle Velarde, 18
  6. counter club: La Latina also worships the modern and contraclub is a good place for it. It opens until 6 in the morning and if you enter before of the twois free (after the entrance costs €10).
    C/ Bailén, 16
  7. Supersonic Club: maybe the most hipster from the list, but it has a smoking area and imported beers. The most knowledgeable say that they put “real indie”.
    C/ San Vicente Ferrer, 55
  8. Barbarella Club: the best underground djs They play in this room, where the indies that are born go and not those that are made.
    C/ San Vicente Ferrer, 33
  9. Boat: when the other places close in Malasaña, go to the boat. It has its own members club (moderneo ON) and live concerts daily. The entrancewith drink includedcosts €12.
    C/ Barco, 34
  10. Eisbar Sound Club: It’s not very well known (which makes it even more indie), but they do very good concerts and their prices are within your reach Van’s false .
    Travesia Vistillas, 8

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