6 charming cinemas in Madrid

Tania Segura

Tania Segura

If you were one of the people who went to see The Artist before he won the Oscar and everyone liked him, if you get nervous about queuing up to see movies as commercial as fast and furious or Twilight (thank God this time is over) or if you enjoy the film more if the cinema still “smells like cinema”, I will “make you an offer that you cannot refuse”: the most charming cinemas in Madrid.

  1. Artistic Metropolis: offers a schedule bizarre and little known and you can also enjoy special cycles. Its seats bear the names of different fantastic film directors. From its own website you cannot buy tickets, but “we will always have” this app to do it from it.
    C/ Cigarettes, 6
    image 1
  2. Golem Cinemas: sometimes I watch movies in VO with titles that other cinemas do not show in their theaters. It is a small cinema, but with very careful sound and image quality.
    C/ Martin de los Heros, 14
  3. Dore Cinema: frankly dear, if you want to enjoy the classic cinemaDon’t forget to stop by the Filmoteca. Although they also offer auteur and experimental cinema and when the good weather arrives, you can enjoy their cinema al fresh air.
    Calle Santa Isabel, 3
  4. Small Film Studio: as its name says, it is a very small cinema and its seats are not the most comfortable in the world, but “no one is perfect”. Even so, you can calmly enjoy any classic (in VO) without the noise of the popcorn or the light of another person’s mobile bothering you.
    Calle Magallanes, 1
  5. Berlanga Room: is the room in which almodovar became famous with his Pepi, Luci and Bom and other ordinary girls. They show national, European and Latin American films (author’s films or those that have never been released in other theaters).
  6. Verdi Cinemas: it continues to be decorated like a traditional cinema and its cafeteria makes you feel even more like you are in a cinema in the purest style cinema Paradiso. They project so much blockbusters like movies less commercialbut always in VO, in addition to dedicating a space to documentaries very interesting.
    C / Bravo Murillo, 28.

It goes without saying that popcorn munching or loud comments are not welcome here, so if you have any friends who fit this description, may the force be with you…

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