An AVE train will become a museum and will have an expo by Nino Bravo

From today, Renfe exhibits a selection of 180 photographs as a tribute to Nino Bravo inside an AVE train Madrid-Valencia. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the singer’s death, the exhibition Nino Bravo, destiny to eternity places the traveler in the musical career of Nino Bravo through a selection of almost 200 images, many of them unpublished, which are the testimony of his biography.

The exhibition is curated by the artist’s daughters, Amparo Ferri and Eva Ferri, and it has a collection of photographs distributed throughout the wagons that go from Nino Bravo’s childhood and youth to his most successful days.

What will you find in the exhibition?

Photography provided by Renfe

Close-ups, images of his concerts and tours, pictures of his family life and immortalized moments with singers of the time they make up this trip that shows the secrets of the world of music.

The exhibition will be available until next May 31 through an AVE train that will link Valencia and Madrid daily. This convoy will also make routes from the Valencian capital to Burgos and from Alicante to Madrid, Ourense and León.

Photography provided by Renfe

To carry out this exhibition, Renfe has counted with the collaboration of the Nino Bravo MuseumRoutes with Art: Destino Nino, Josma Torres Photography -which has ceded part of the photographic archive on display-, the Aielo de Malferit Town Hall, the singer’s hometown, the Valencia Municipal Symphonic Band and Turisme Comunitat Valenciana.

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