Botanical Nights: two weeks for Bob Dylan (and almost 50 more concerts)

The popular proverb does not always contain all the wisdom attributed to it. The good thing if brief twice good? There are nuances and exceptions. Like, for example, a music festival, Botanical Nights, which lasts two months.

The most awarded event this year at the Iberian Festival Awards (which recognizes the most renowned festivals of each year) begins on June 7 with a concert by Bob Dylan and ends on July 30 with one by Damien Rice.

A concert, that of Dylan, for which there are no more tickets. The Nobel Prize for Literature will give two consecutive dates, but the tickets sold out in a matter of half an hour.

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Live music in nature |  Botanical Nights

“We continue with the same philosophy of mixing artists of all kinds of genres and eclecticisms,” he says. Ramón Martín, co-director of the festival together with Julio Martí, in a telephone conversation with Madrid Secreto. And he adds: “if you look at the programming you see that we are completely different from any other entity: we look for the mix of artists that has nothing to do with other programming”.

A mix of artists that is symbolized by the fact that the group that follows Bob Dylan is Fangoria together with Nancys Rubias. And then? Then Andrés Calamaro, later Iván Ferreiro, then Rubén Blades and in between or later names like Fito Páez, Niña Pastori, Placebo or Damien Rice.

A fancy billboard in a fancy setting. “Working in a botanical garden has many limitations,” says Martín, who co-directs a festival that last year it covered more than 130,000 people.

the new bet

Editorial credit: Botanical Nights

The seventh edition of the festival comes with an obvious experience. Ramón Martín talks about novelties and refers to a new stage (which allows groups with certain technical requirements to be accommodated) and a new stand that “It is the first time that it has been mounted in Europe”.

The new grandstand offers more space and vision: it has a more solid structure and the same finishes as a stage. Martín refers to the comfort and the expansion of seats that used to measure 50 centimeters and now 60. Everything to generate that “good vibe between the public and the artist” in what Martín defines as “a small Maracaná”.

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