CALLE will once again turn Lavapiés into an urban art museum

One of each. That is the time that the CALLE urban art festival has been filling the shop windows and facades of Lavapiés with color, turning the neighborhood into a real living museum of urban art –of urban art due to the nature of the works and alive because, as every year, you can see the artists working live–.

This year’s edition of CALLE, which as we say is special because it is the tenth anniversary of the initiative, It will be held from April 17 to May 14 and 55 national and international artists will participate that will reflect their works in many other businesses in the neighborhood.

Painting on glass, installations and paintings in shop windows and facades, participatory interventions… The techniques and styles of the works will be as varied as the artists who will shape them from April 24 to 30among those who are Alba Bla, Lu de López, Búnker, Mario García, Marta Vela, Las Enganchadas, Apolo el Floho, aeiou, Ramón Amorós and Adrián Cao, Fea333, Moonventure and Gorka Gil, among others.

Audience Award 2022: ‘Grid, the pimp who punishes’ in Aguardiente (Calle de la Fe, 1) || Editorial credit: José Antonio Rojo

All of them will compete for the prizes that the festival awards each year, namely:

  • Jury Prize. Awarded by an independent jury, which will award a prize of €1,200 to the chosen intervention.
  • Alhambra Award. It will be awarded to the most valued CALLE 2023 artist through a jury appointed by Cervezas Alhambra. The prize will be €800.
  • audience award. It will be awarded to the most valued intervention through CALLE’s social networks, and will be endowed with €500.

The invited artists

Winning Work Alhambra Award 2021: ‘Falling in love in bars’, by Libertad Ballester || Editorial credit: José Antonio Rojo

The festival, as usual, will feature invited artists out of competition. From the hand of Cervezas Alhambra, the one in charge of giving the starting signal to this festival will be the artist Javier Lobo (MIEK), who can be seen from April 17 to 22 shaping his work The Guardian of Reason in Argumosa street, 28.

The mural will be inspired by the book The art of Loving by Eric Fromm. As explained by the organization, the MIEK will be a work that «tries and reminds us to maintain that conciliatory spirit with others«.

On the other hand, and to celebrate such an important occasion as the first decade of CALLE’s life, The elderly of the neighborhood will be counted as special guests. They will be the ones who will capture the commemorative mural of this anniversary on April 20 at 81 Calle del Mesón de Paredes, under the title The Decade in Commerce.

Guided tours by STREET

As every year, there will be guided tours lasting approximately one hour through the works and interventions of the artists. will take place from April 27 to May 14 in three shifts (12:00, 18:00 and 19:00) and they are pet friendly. Its price is five euros and tickets can be purchased from today through this link.

The Association of Merchants and Entrepreneurs of Lavapiés, with the artistic direction of the Madrid Street Art Project and the support of Cervezas Alhambra, is the organizer of this festival, to which it refers in the following terms: «10 years of promotion and collaboration between artists, neighbors and businesses. 10 years of smiles, anecdotes and showing that when people come together, we are unstoppable, capable of anything”.

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