€2 cinema for people over 65 in these theaters in Madrid

As of July 11, people over 65 will be able to go to the cinema for 2 euros in more than 30 theaters in Madrid. We tell you what they are.

secret madrid

secret madrid

As of July 11, the Senior Cinema Program will be launched: the Government initiative promoted by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports that will allow people over 65 years of age to attend the rooms at a reduced price of €2. At the state level, more than 400 cinemas have joined the campaign and, in the case of the Community of Madrid, more than 30 theaters have joined the program throughout the region.

The conditions to be able to benefit from this measure are the following, as established in the Royal Decree approved by the Council of Ministers on June 13:

  • Be 65 or older.
  • Tickets can only be issued at the cinema box office, with prior identification of the person and proof of age.
  • It applies to all sessions that each room offers on a specific day of the week (preferably Tuesday, but it can change in the case of rooms that offer passes only during the weekend).

Cinemas adhered to the Senior Cinema Program

  • Artesiete Alcala Full HD
  • Drive-in Madrid
  • Plaza Coslada Cinemas
  • Princess
  • Renoir Spanish Steps
  • Renoir Retirement
  • the boulevard
  • Minicinemas Majadahonda
  • La Gavia
  • Cinema Las Rosas
  • cinesa loranca
  • Cinesa Manoteras
  • Cinesa Mendez Alvaro
  • Cinesa Prince Pio
  • Cinesa Screenings
  • Cinesa Xanadu
  • Cinestudio Fine Arts
  • MK2 Ice Palace
  • golem
  • Verdi (Ancient Carthage)
  • Odeon Sambil Dolby Atmos
  • Press Palace
  • town
  • Kinepolis Diversia
  • kinepolis
  • Conde Duque Morasol Auditorium
  • reston cinema
  • Ocine Quadernillos
  • Ocine Urban X-Madrid
  • Ocine Urban Caleido
  • Ocine Plaza Eboli
  • Odeon Multicines Tres Cantos
  • Multiplex Madrid Two (Vaguada)
  • Spazio Cinemas
  • Cinema Ambassadors
  • Helm Palafox Cinema
  • Cinema Helm Park Corridor
  • Helm Cinemas Ideal
  • Helm Cinemas Islazul
  • Helm Planetocio Cinemas
  • Yelmo Cinemas Plaza Norte 2
  • Helm Cinemas Plenilunio
  • Yelmo Cinemas Rivas Futura
  • Yelmo Tres Aguas Cinemas

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