Festivals that are not music… they exist

For tastes, festivals; It could be said that there is a different one for each type of personality. It does not matter if you are a fan of any musical genre, fantastic cinema or tattoomaniaSurely you will find several in which you can feel like a fish in water. Grab an agenda and a pencil and pray that you have the Harry Potter time turner, because busy days are coming up for the cultural scene.


Penny is not the blonde from Big Bang Theory, but your means of transportation and you would be able to attend a wedding with your inseparable New Balance. If you have learned more on the street than at school, surely you have the mulafest (from June 25 to 28), the meeting point par excellence for followers of the latest urban trends. During those days, IFEMA will host activities for everything: areas of tattoo and body painting to decorate the skin; tuning of bicycles and motorcycles, graffiti (graffiti everywhere) and performances of break dance and DJs. If it stands out for something, it is for its variety and the homage to art do it yourself. Now there are contests to attend the event without the wallet resisting.

festivals no music 1

film and documentary

As a child you dreamed of exploring the most exotic corners of the planet with your camera and if today you are recording tutorials, it is because National Geographic has not discovered you yet. Maybe it’s not a bad idea to stop by the CINETECA to take a look at the documentmadrid (from April 30 to May 10), an international festival dedicated to documentary film. A space will be dedicated to the producer Carmen Cobos, whose works have been screened in more than one hundred festivals.

festivals no music 2

Although if you know replicant Roy Batty’s final speech in Blade Runner by heart and worshiped dragons before Khaleesi caught on, you better head to the Night Film Festival (from May 25 to 31). Blood made of ketchup, black humor, or mythology and the presence of Robert Englund (actor who gave life to Freddy Krueger) will star in the Palafox cinemas.

theater and performing arts

Madrid arises (from April 8 to 26) repeats after the success of its first edition. Some twenty independent theater rooms house the performances of 50 companies of young creators who carry daring and innovation as their flag. In addition, almost 200 free activities are offered dedicated to the new scene formats and the variety of approaches that representation offers. Little by little the alternative theater makes a place for itself in the wide cultural offer that the capital offers.

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Following the line of betting on what is different, Frinje Madrid is held at Matadero de Madrid (from July 3 to 25), a space dedicated to the most authentic authors of music and theater. Contemporary creation makes its way through theater, dance, performance, the circus and the cocktails that may arise from the combination of all of them. An example that art always has new barriers to cross.

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