Free Comic Book Day: next week 9 bookstores in Madrid will give away comics

The importation of American traditions is a fact as assimilated as it is often contested. This cannot be answered, however, that it was born in 2002 and whose base can only annoy a possible anti-comics population core. Free Comic Book Day is exactly what the name of it says: a person comes to a bookstore and takes a free comic.

While in the United States it is celebrated on the first Saturday of May, the Spanish adaptation takes place on the second weekend of the same month: May 13 in this case. On this occasion, 70 bookstores from all over Spain will participate (nine of which are from Madrid) and will also take the opportunity to organize other activities such as signing sessions.

What bookstores participate?

The bookstores that readers can stop by to pick up their copy are the following:

  • Akira comics at Avenida de Betanzos, 74
  • Spider Monkey Comics in Calle Peñuelas, 14
  • Elektra comic in San Bernardo, 20
  • Harley’s hideout on Avenida Monforte de Lemos, 169
  • Volumes and staples in calle Alcalá, 211
  • Gotham Central at Calle Ferrocarril, 22 (Getafe)
  • Alcalá Comics in Plaza de España, 3 (Alcalá de Henares)
  • Impact Game in Jose Alix Alix, 16 (San Fernando de Henares)
  • Madakiba on Avenida del Mar Mediterráneo, 156 (Valdemoro)

Publishers that make it possible

The popularity of Free Comic Book Day has a thermometer and that measurement is found in the fact that it even has a Wikipedia page that collects its story.

A story, on the other hand, that it would not be possible without the help of publishers –Each publisher gives away a specific copy. On this occasion, Escápula Comics, Fandogamia, La Cúpula, Cascaborra, Gp editions, Grafito editorial, Harriet editions, Karras Comics, Nuevo Nueve, Panini Comics, Sallybooks, Penguin Random House, Planeta Comic, Unpopular Studio will participate.

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