How to have a Sarah Jessica Parker day in Madrid

…in version low cost. Don’t worry, I know that there are more in your closet Marypaz that Manolos and that you are quite an artist in the art of combining your clothes so that it seems that you never repeat a model. But I also know that if you’ve ever seen an episode of sex in new yorkdating hot guys is not the only thing you want to be around.

You who declare yourself a fan of chocolate masks H&M Due to its efficiency (and its price), you can also have a day riding the Parker horse without having to go through Montera first.

If you are not one of those who makes a scene when seaweed brushes your foot in the sea, you will not dislike the idea that a few fish use you as a self service to leave you a few feet of announcement. At Termas de Ruhan (Avda. Carabancheles, 8, Alcorcón) you can get a complete treatment, with a facial mask included for €45 (€24 if you buy it through this app).

But if the idea of ​​a fish sucking your skin doesn’t appeal to you, you can go with your friends to Blow Dry Bar (C/ Pelayo, 76). Don’t be scared by the prices on their website, because they do your hair and make-up to look better than Sarah (something that, on the other hand, is not very difficult).

You can’t pretend to be like “Parker” without going shopping. So that the day remains low cost you can go to Mango already Kling Fuencarral street. They are facing each other and both are outletbut with clothes almost from the last season.

Going for a drink in trendy places is also very important, but now the drink of the moment is gin and tonic, not cosmopolitanso we tell you which are the best places to have a good gin and tonic.

As you can see, any of us can have a day at CarrieWhat I can’t guarantee is that you end the day like Samantha Jones…

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