Let’s say I sing about Madrid: songs dedicated to the capital (I)

A good way to get into the capital, in addition to strolling through its neighborhoods, is through music. He could dedicate a good album to him, since there are countless artists who have dedicated a few verses to him. If you are in love with its streets, its people and youth fashion, this is your selection:

Let’s say I’m talking about Madrid – Joaquín Sabina

Sabina, the rogue and smart spirit of the good man from Madrid made into song.

Wherever the paths cross; where the sea cannot be conceived; where the fugitive always returns… Let’s say I’m talking about Madrid.

Madrid, Madrid, Madrid – Agustin Lara

Anthem of chulapas and chulapos, cool and cool. So that later they say that the revelry is for the April Fair.

Madrid, Madrid, Madrid; piece of the Spain where I was born.

One more year – Mecano

If you don’t play this great song at maximum volume every December 31st, you’re not from Madrid.

And in the clock of yesteryear like from year to year; five more minutes for the countdown. We take stock of the good and bad; five minutes before the countdown.

There is no beach here – The Refrescos

Favorite subject of those who come from coastal cities. There’s no reason to bother, it’s your consolation prize xD

You can have Retiro, Casa Campo and Ateneo, you can have a thousand cinemas, a thousand theaters, a thousand museums. You can have Corrala, organillos and chulapas but when August arrives, well, well, there is no beach here!

Gran Via – Antonio Flores

Who doesn’t feel that way when walking down the spine of the capital?

The sidewalk worn by people passing by; feet accustomed to speed; people who live at a hellish pace.

Kilometer 0 – Ismael Serrano

It is advisable to listen to it with a pack of clinex next to it.

Kilometer Zero, breathes in the center of the city the soul that is lost when escaping.

You can count on me – The Ear of Van Gogh

What good times those of Amaia Montero…

And you will remember the winter afternoons in Madrid, the whole nights without sleep

Lady Madrid – Sloth

Madrid made woman.

The star of the rooftops, the most rock&roll around here; we cats were hanging, Lady Madrid…

Madrid – Laziness

It passed without pain or glory but it is beautiful (no, we have not repeated the previous one)

VI come back to life when you touch me, a new star is born in Atocha. I’m crazy about you, you are my favorite corner of Madrid

The Gate of Alcalá – Ana Belén and Víctor Manuel

If we say “Look at her, look at her”, you say…

… with coats, monarchs from other lands, braggarts who arrive inventing war, militias that resist under the “they will not pass”; and eternal sleep, as it comes, it goes away. And there it is, there it is, the Puerta de Alcalá.

There I leave you Madrid – Shakira

From when their lyrics were understood.

There I go again, there I leave you Madrid. Your skin routines and your desire to flee

On the streets of Madrid – Loquillo

Madrid… Take me in your car to some vice out there.

Your look makes me big – Maldita Nerea

Its streets have stories to bore.

I need to see you here, your look makes me great. And that we are both alone stumbling around Madrid

Madrid Madrid – Men G

Everything is full, it will be that the bustle is another of its features.

And this Madrid is still different; and the best thing here is that it is full of people.

Madrid without D – Burning

Nobody says “Madrid”, but “Madriz” or “Madrit”. You hate the city or you love it madly, there is never a middle ground.

How I hate her and how I can love her when I walk away I think about not coming back and after three days I think I’m going crazy. I don’t love you, yet here I am.

East Madrid – Leno

… Although there are those who have the level of hatred triggered. Not everything was going to be praise.

This Madrid is shit that not even rats can live.

Pa´Madrid – The Neighborhood

Ay, ay, aaaaaaaay (clapping rhythm)

We left for Madrid and without remorse as a childish wish. Find me a pension to eat us with kisses…

In love with youth fashion – Radio Futura

As there are no people who move from the suburbs to the center just to go shopping.

And I fell in love with youth fashion; of the prices and discounts that I saw. In love with you.

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