The 7 best places to have a gin and tonic in Madrid

Nobody knows how the gin tonic went from being a drink for old people to the most trendy of the Madrid night; The change caught me off guard. It was the first time I was out in Malasaña and to start the night, we decided to have a drink in a place that looked super cool lollipop. I started to get annoyed when I ordered calimocho and the bartender made fun of me but what do you want me to tell you, I’m from the neighborhood.

When I saw my party mates drink gin tonic I couldn’t think of anything other than to call them “carcas”. Criticism rained down on me: I wasn’t wearing much, how little glamour, how little New York spirit… I felt ridiculous with my shabby highball glass between such elegant drinks.

How am I spiteful I like to learn, I decided to become the most expert in gin and tonics of the place, so as not only not to do the paripé again, but leave bad Surprise my friends with how cosmopolitan I am. Do you want to meet them?

KHOMEclub (Mount Esquinza, 15)

This place recently opened its doors and promises to be one of the best places to have a drink. The place is quite nice, since it has many spaces reserved for you to talk with your people, while being able to enjoy good music. KHOMEclub’s strong point is its unknown variety of alcohol for many. Here they will never give you a brand of alcohol like Ron Barceló or Beefeater, but if you tell them that you want something like that they will give you the closest thing they have. We thought the way you pay for what you actually consume was a great idea, that is, you pour the amount of alcohol you want and then they calculate the price based on that. So if you are one of those who likes a ‘spotty’ you are in luck. Thanks to them we discovered gin Status 21 and since then we are clear that we are going to return.


le cabrera (C / Barbara de Braganza, 2)

One of the most exclusive and gourmet in the capital. The staff will advise you on which gin, tonic or spice to drink depending on your tastes. Here I learned what a gastrobar: a place where you spend a penny for a cocktail and portions with names like “lion eats shrimp” (they call it avant-garde cuisine).

gin and tonic carca 1

The Gin Room (C/ de la Academia, 7)

Also with an exclusive and elitist atmosphere, the place was full of executives and attractive women from after work . I discovered that there is a world beyond Beefeater and Bombay Sapphire thanks to their endless list of gins.

gin and tonic carca 2

Blow Dry Bar (C / Pelayo, 76)

Not even the most modern of my class knew the concept of “hair bar”; I discovered it thanks to an app. while they drank gin tonic They made a Rapunzel braid. It didn’t take them ten minutes to make a selfies to update the Instagram.

gin and tonic carca 3

O’clock (C / Juan Bravo, 25)

I am a very, very punctual person but my friends are not, they live half an hour late. One night I suggested having a drink at the O’Clock pub, to see if they got the hint. Leather armchairs, red walls, waiters with braces… All very british Except for them, of course, they arrived late.


Martinez Bar (C/ Boat, 4)

The perfect definition of a “spanglish” bar. They serve their exclusive gin and tonics, brunch and bagels from a wooden bar that they rescued from the old Smoker’s Mansion, creating a very fun mix between European and traditional spirit.

gin and tonic carca 5

The Gintonería de Candilon (General Perón Avenue, 2)

He specialized in gin and tonics 30 years ago, come on, before they were cools. My friends ordered one that looked very good, with sweets and everything! As they also stand out for their wide variety of rums, I preferred a combination with chocolate that was very tasty.

Gin and tonic cocktail macro closeup with juniper berries

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