The micro-theater will fill platforms and carriages of L6 until Friday

Cook a dessert in the microwave, tie your shoelaces, jump on the longest double zip line in Europe or listen to a song. All of the above are things that can be done in just a few minutes or seconds, and from today until Friday another one can be added to that list: witness a micro-theater play on the platforms and carriages of the subway.

CronoTeatro, which is the name of this program of small plays that is celebrating its tenth anniversary, opened this morning in the Ciudad Universitaria metro. From this moment, and until April 21, will fill the platforms and subway cars of line 6 between the Moncloa and Nuevos Ministerios stations with performances.

In total, six micro-theater works will be represented in the train carriages (with a duration of two minutes, the time it takes to cover the journey between two stations) and another four on the platforms, lasting six minutes.

What plays are represented and at what time?

The initiative, created by stage director César Barló, collaborates with the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM), the Madrid Theater Institute and Madrid Metro. The schedule of the performances It is from 11am to 2pm and from 4pm to 6pm.

Works on the wagons

  • the world i hearby Dominica Bravo
  • in search of the lost meterby Jorge Moreno
  • Ukuku, Andean migrant in Madridby Shirley Paucara-Shaya Theater
  • the eclipse redeems meby Jorge Zanzio
  • you are not a piece of furnitureby Martin Miguel Gomez
  • The Mr. Wonderful eraby Carmen Calleja

Obas on the platforms

  • I’m lateby Carlos Be
  • The eightiesby Velen Granados
  • in search of the lost meterby Jorge Moreno
  • dog dayby Dominica Bravo

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