The night of the museums and its peculiar fauna

Tania Segura

Tania Segura

One more year, the Night of the Museums arrives in the capital and with it, the opportunity to soak up exhibitions, sculptures, paintings and other artistic content…

Art has always caught my attention and I think it’s an opportunity… okay, actually what happens is that this long weekend I stay in Madrid and to top it off, this plan is free for me.

What is certain is that I want to go to museums “properly”, I don’t want to just look at one painting and another and another without more. So the best option is to go with someone who understands a little about the subject. In my case, I had three options:

  1. Remi, my friend “cooltureta”: Remedios (or Remi, as she likes to be called) whenever she goes to Fnac she spends hours looking at the notebooks that have the lining imitating famous paintings and she blurts out comments like: “the difference between chiaroscuro is not well appreciated in this format” (I’m surprised that he doesn’t appreciate them, he just bought a pair of glasses for 400 euros, although he only needs them to read). Also, she is always saying that she would have loved to meet van Gogh, because she has read a lot about him and finds him super interesting.
    Overall, I thought she would be a good companion to go with, but she told me that those days the museums were going to be full of people “who weren’t going to know how to appreciate art” and that they weren’t going to talk about it.
    image 1
  2. Mike, my friend hipster: perfectly groomed beard, orthopedic shoes (because they look like it) and t-shirts with absurd messages. A few months ago she gave up on photography. He bought a lomographic camera and a polaroid because he wants to capture “special places” and I told him that it would be a good option because of the atmosphere that will be in the museum, but he told me that he was out of film and that now everyone knows create photographer with instagram and it is no longer personal. Your answer led me directly to my third and final option.
    image 2
  3. Carlos, the Bohemian: long hair (mini dreadlock included), unkempt beard and converse too broken (yes, some conversations can become “too broken”). He is a frustrated artist, so I thought he might like the idea to “get” inspiration, but he told me that true artists are the unknown and that museum works are “too overrated”.
    As you can see, I have run out of options, but I still want to go, so I think the best option will be to go alone and leave behind so many friends with personality problems…
    image 3

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