The plays in Madrid that you should not miss in April

The plays in Madrid are once again this month of April one of the best cultural plans. With spring in full splendor, the stages are loaded with reinterpretations of Shakespeare’s great classics, subversive novelties, great love stories and, of course, there is always room for humor. Madrid is, one more season, place of reference for theater lovers.

Here are the 14 plays Recommended for this April.

1. Mr. Ramón María del Valle-Inclan

Image courtesy of the Spanish Theater

Ramón Gómez de la Serna wrote this play about Valle-Inclán in 1944, which is now directed by Xavier Albertí at the Teatro Español. In this work in which he travels through the life of one of the greats of Spanish letters through another great writer the viewer feels like a crew member with a privileged seat. The figure of Valle-Inclán is complex and difficult to approach, but Gómez de la Serna brings us closer to his analysis tools, his dissection instruments and his aesthetic canon.

His day to day, his values, intimacy and the closest version of this writer known for being a difficult character to deal with —and even violent— is reflected in the work.

📅From March 2 to April 9.
📍 Spanish Theater (Calle Príncipe, 25)

Image courtesy of the Spanish Theater

uz: the town is a black comedy written by Uruguayan playwright Gabriel Calderón ( story of a wild boar, anna against death), adapted and directed by Natalia Menéndez. The play, which invites you to discover the peculiar town of Uz and its eccentric inhabitants, stars Nuria Mencía and Pepe Viyuela. Inspired by biblical stories, the work reflects on beliefs and their limits.

📅 Until the 7th of May.
📍 Ships of the Spanish (Slaughterhouse)

WAH Madrid

WAH Madrid has established itself as the most powerful leisure event of the year from its headquarters at IFEMA. Therefore, the proposal returns with a new season. WAH continues to break attendance records thanks to a show that does not skimp on visual media and artistic talent and has become a musical and gastronomic experience of reference at a European level.

Over the course of five hours, the viewer is immersed in a delirious journey through the history of music thanks to a portentous sequence of musical and stage numbers of all kinds and colors.

👉 Buy your ticket here.
📍 IFEMA (Avenida Partenón, 5)

A refreshing and original comedy to stretch out on Saturday night without weighing our eyelids down. La Corona Producciones puts on the tables of the Teatro Lara the crazy story of a surreal kidnapping who philosophizes, with laughter, about the seams of friendship and the border (dangerously funny) between unbridled fanaticism and obsession.

📅 Until May 12.
📍 Lara Theater, Corredera Baja de San Pablo, 15 (Malasaña)

Image courtesy of the Reina Victoria Theater

I am Hamlet It is a play that delves into the dramaturgy itself. It is a piece written in a single act, with overtones of black comedy and thriller.

The reality and the fiction are diluted inI am Hamlet. Tomás Torres, director of a theater company amateur, semi-professional, comes to the theater at night to solve an urgent problem. With rehearsals about to start, he has run out of an actor to play Hamlet. And that’s when he meets Simón who, with no experience in theatre, shows up for the audition.

It is also the acting debut of director Gabriel Olivares ( Burundanga, Nameand gross indecency) playing the character of the theater director together with the actor Leo Rivera.

📅 April 9 and 16
📍Reina Victoria Theater (Calle Barquillo, 24)

A very cool review of Summer night DreamShakespeare’s classic of which there are infinite versions, but there is always room for one more reinterpretation.

This is the classic story of four uninhibited young people who, seduced by the night, end up lost, naked and very confused in a magical forest inhabited by the gods of Olympus, Korean fairies and a very excited faun that will end up complicating the plot. And all this accompanied by catchy ballads, eighties pop and, why not, sevillanas. In this work there is space for almost everything.

📅April 1 and 22.
📍 Alfil Theater (Calle Pez, 10)

Image courtesy of Luis Castilla for the Spanish Theater

The public is one of the classics of the historical avant-garde of Spanish theater par excellence. Around 1930, Federico García Lorca wrote his most complex and profound work (El público) and, as a playwright, he set out to completely revolutionize the scene.
The work is of a dazzling poetics that directly relates it to our great classics of the Golden Age.

It is a precursor of the most radical contemporary theater. In the work the protagonist is the public itself, although the author does not make any concessions to it. His creative freedom reaches the highest levels. He opens up a world where various narrative planes are intermingled, always around love.

📅 From April 20 to May 14.
📍 Ships of the Spanish (Slaughterhouse)

8. Tenderness

plays in Madrid

The charming Infanta Isabel theater becomes the home of this Shakespearean play that in 2019 was awarded a Max for Best Theater Show of the year. the tenderness is a romantic adventure comedy set on a peculiar supposedly “deserted” island. Up to here comes the Emerald Queen (with her two daughters), who tries by all means to escape from men and from the fateful future that awaits her offspring (an arranged marriage, as happened to her ).

And the entanglement begins when they realize that the island is indeed inhabited… by a woodcutter and his two sons, who try to flee from the women. Laughter, but also that tenderness that gives the work its name, are guaranteed.

📅 Until May 2.
📍Infanta Isabel Theater (Calle del Barquillo, 24)

9. Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet
Image provided by: Javier Naval for Teatro Español

Ana Belén and José Luis Gómez play Romeo and Juliet in this version of EL Petschinka. What would happen if the ending had been different? Shakespeare says that death is the end of everything and that Romeo and Juliet died embracing in the Verona mausoleum. Now, 400 years later, this play wants to show that shakespeare was wrong: Ana Belén and José Luis Gómez tell the true story of this forbidden love. The end of the tragedy will mean the beginning of a very sui generis love story.

🗓️ From April 15 to June 4.
📍 Spanish Theater

Light Provincial
Image provided by: Luz Soria / Provincial Livianas

La Berta and La Reme are the Light Provincials who return with their cupletera comedy to deal with the hottest topics. These little couturiers dedicate themselves body and soul to the couplet, but with a feminist perspective. And after their success in Nave 73, they now arrive at Naves del Español, in Matadero.

They do it with their showthe tastiest fruit, at a time when they both stopped sewing (and getting along) to dedicate themselves to other tasks. A wedding brings them back together and, from here, everything is pure fantasy, couplet, humor, improvisation and “rural eroticism”.

🗓️ April 5, 12, 19 and 26.
📍 Spanish ships in Matadero.

Image provided by Teatro del Canal

BREAK UP is a scenic-musical project that explores the toxic dynamics of heteronormative romantic love, through the metaphors of courtship, clothing and the nude, using references to the psychology of personality.
The show is a hybrid between a concert and a performance, it brings to the stage the songs and video performances of the latest EP by the multidisciplinary artist, Lekuona,BREAK UP.

🗓️ April 8 and 9.
📍 Canal Theaters (Calle de Cea Bermúdez, 1).

Image courtesy of the María Guerrero Theater

The process It is based on the novel by Frank Kafka in which Josef K., a bank manager, has a legal proceeding whose cause he does not know. He has to appear immediately in court to clarify his situation. From that moment on, the life of Josef K. will be seen trapped in an absurd and endless process which, as one of the members of the court indicates, includes in itself the conviction of the defendant.

The protagonist decides to take charge of his own case himself. The nonsense, the frustration, the bureaucracy, the nepotism and are reflected in this literary classic that is always relevant.

🗓️ From February 17 to April 2.
📍 María Guerrero Theater (Calle Tamayo and Baus, 4)

Image courtesy of the National Dramatic Art Center

supernormal is a funny game that confronts us with our own prejudices about the group of people with functional diversity, generated within society.
This is one of the most demanding plays on the billboard. The central theme is desire, in which they try to break taboos and show a complex reality with many points of view.

🗓️ Until April 24.
📍 Valle-Inclán Theater (Plazuela de Ana Diosdado Street, s/n)

Image courtesy of the National Dramatic Center

Fundamentally fantasies for resistance It is one of the most recommended plays on the Madrid billboard due to its topicality. Set in kyiv just a year agothe play is about an author and theater director who has turned her company’s rehearsal space into a refuge.

Despite the Russian invasion, he continues to create stories to keep his loved ones together and keep his daughter Olena away from the defense committees. The director proposes to invent a work that is titledPin, Bread, Putin. Although rehearsing during a war is a great difficulty, the company advances in the construction of history. However, from the moment Putin’s character dies, events take a turn.

🗓️ From February 24 to April 16.
📍 Valle-Inclán Theater (Plazuela de Ana Diosdado Street, s/n)

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