Today begins the 58th edition of Casa Decor in the Salamanca district

Curved and organic shapes, the kitchen as the center of the home, sustainable designs and the mixture of stone and wood are some of the trends that can be found in the new edition of Casa Decor. The event, which takes place in the heart of the Salamanca district (Calle Serrano, 92), brings together from today to more than 150 national and international brands that represent the most cutting-edge vanguards in terms of interior design, furniture and lifestyle.

In this 58th edition, which will last until the May 28they will be able to enjoy 50 spaces that will be created by the most important designers and companies in the sector. The rooms of the building will become the showcases of the work of each artist. In this way, Casa Decor gives decorators, interior designers, architects, designers, landscapers and plastic artists the opportunity to show their work in an exclusive avant-garde context.

The Serrano building, 92

Home Decor
Editorial credit: Casa Decor

The event is held in different spaces each year and thirteen times it has been in the Salamanca neighborhood (Velázquez, Goya, Jorge Juan, Príncipe de Vergara, Núñez de Balboa…), but this is the first time that the street has been chosen Highlander. In a press release, the organization has indicated that the choice of the headquarters is a very careful decision, since they seek that the space is as luxurious as the designs on display.

Home Decor 2023 en a “Jewel Edition”not only for the prestigious neighborhood in which it is located, but also for the 1929 building whose rooms will host the sample. According to the organization: “Entering through the portal of Serrano 92 is entering a jewelery of ideas, where each space is a different gemwith designs and stones each more exuberant and precious.»

152 companies dedicated to design

Editorial credit: Casa Decor

The historical and architectural value of the space is added to the creativity of artists who are not afraid to express themselves and take risks, delve into the old and glimpse the future when it comes to design. Total 152 companies from all over the world and from different creative industries will meet at Casa Decor. Half of the participants come from countries of the European Union such as France, Belgium, Sweden or Germany but we will also find designs brought from Switzerland, United States or Japan.

However, most of the stands will be from Spanish firms, especially from highly competitive regions in furniture design such as the Valencian Community, Madrid, La Rioja or Andalusia. Also, for the third year in a row, Castilla la Mancha and their great handcrafted designs will be featured in a exclusive space designed by Ricardo de la Torre.

Casa Decor schedule 2023

The hours of this event will be 11am to 9pmevery day of the week (Sundays and holidays included).

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