Where to have a gin and tonic like a good gourmet

He gin tonic It is becoming mainstream, it’s time to accept it. It is the option that triumphs when ordering a drink, as if calimocho or vodka-lemon had never existed. Before, if someone asked him they would accuse him of “carca”, he was the laughingstock of the group. Now, rare is the one who wants a rum-cola or a Malibu with pineapple.

The “gintonerías” and serving this combination everywhere are the order of the day. I admit that before I did not like the gin and tonicsThey tasted weird to me. Still I did some research and found that most places serve them poorly and no one seems to notice. More than once I laughed at a friend with an attitude of “look how trendy I am” while he ventilated the drink in his tube glass when in reality, it was served in a balloon glass.


The glasses thing seems silly but it affects the quality of what you drink. I learned this from a foodie friend who told me that the next time he met fake “gin and tonic lovers”, he would take them to Vino Premier, where they would serve them properly. With that name, the first thing that alarmed me was the price, it is already known that everything that contains “gastro”, “premier”, “vintage” or “gourmet” sounds like a saber. He calmed me down by telling me that in Fever there was an offer for which, for a modest investment, he could shut up more than one mouth.

All you have to do is download the Fever app and click on this offer, with which you’ll be able to enjoy the best mix you’ll have in a long time at the same price as in any bar. Oh, by the way, I discovered that the point was not that I didn’t like gin and tonics, but that apparently I am also a gourmet and can only put up with those that are served properly and with quality gin and tonic, not the super but good well, anyone, right?

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